About the Buildings Preservation Trust

This is a community led and inspired project.


Mr Richard Rumbold Chairman Townlands Trust, former Torrington Town Councillor and former Mayor of Great Torrington
Cllr Margaret Brown    Torridge District Council and Torrington Town Councillor
Cllr Cathrine Simmons
Co. Secretary Torridge District Council, Torrington Town Council and Mayor of Great Torrington
Mr Brian Davies   Townlands Trust
Mr Richard Phillips   Torrington Town Team Member. Torridge District Federation of Small Businesses
Mrs Helen Rumbold  
Trustee, League Of Friends and Ex Mayoress of Great Torrington
Cllr Sue Mills  Vice Chair Torrington Town Council
Cllr Diana Davey   Torrington Town Council
Sandra Crawley   Chair, Torrington Care Forum


Mr Brian Coleshill
Val Morris   Chair of Heritage Museum
Mr Andy Boyd Advisor  
Cllr Harold Martin
  Townlands Trust and Parish Councillor
Mr John Beer
Mrs Louise Banfield
Advisor Torrington Business Owner
Mt Matt Whittaker Advisor Torrington Business owner
Sarah Willens Advisor  
Paul Tucker Advisor  
John Simmons Advisor  

The committee seeks advice and help from other members of the community as necessary and is very grateful for this invaluable input.

Like to know more about becoming an advisor or committee member? We would welcome your support and assistance.

In November 2013 Mr John Beer, our previous Hon. Treasurer, who has been working away helping drought stricken farmers in New South Wales, Australia with financial advice and pastoral support, decided to tender his resignation and hand over our now more complex finances to a more local volunteer. He continues to offer us his valuable advise by email.